Praise From Real People

Chad Thomas

“I’ve worked with Dr. Andreas for many years and I have great respect for his understanding of health and nutrition, his gift for communication, and his example-driven passion for helping people achieve results and transform their lives. Our audiences continue to benefit from his message, his optimism, and his love for wellness.”

Phyllis Malanfant

“DrAndreas’ ability to inspire others to change in others can’t be adequately described or measured! You have to see DrAndreas in person to truly experience the difference and his remarkable ability to unselfishly help others reach their full potential. Best of all, he accomplishes this and more through his well thought out presentations, that are both entertaining and engaging, without once having to look down at your watch!”

Bill Heriford

“His God given talent is a big part of the reason for his various successes, but his untiring devotion to work and to ’getting the job done’ undrscores any of those natural talents. Dr. Andreas is always positive and, while aggressively approaching each and every task, has an easy going and reassuring way that instills confidence among his constituents. As you can tell I have reserved the highest of marks and the highest remarks with regard to Andreas Boettcher. He simply is a remarkable indivdual, capable of doing just about anything he so desires.”

Lorena Valencia
Owner of Reliance Wire & Cable

“I have heard Dr. Andreas Boettcher speak on many occasions. I leave his trainings and talks with what I believe are the fundamental elements to create change in life, I’m inspired, moved and get infused with hope. He is one of the few leaders I’ve heard who bring a sincerity and authenticity that shines through with every word and idea he delivers. He’s captivating, energetic and refreshing, contrary to the prosaic meetings I’ve been a part of. He is one of the few individuals that can help people feel like they are sitting one-on-one while being inspired in a room of thousands. Truly enlightening and life changing!”

Rebecca Hansen
Founder, Kyani

“Dr. Andreas has such an energy and passion for helping people to achieve a better quality of life through healthy living. Each time he speaks at one of our events, he connects with the audience, shows that he understands, and helps them think about wellness in a whole new way. His approach is positive, real, and most importantly, focused on long-term success. His work is having a great impact on so many lives and we appreciate our relationship with him.”

Janeen Sergeant
Events Manager, Kyani

“I have worked closely at many events with Dr. Andreas, you will not find a more accommodating, thoughtful, and kind individual. I love his passion towards projects, presentations, and just life in itself!mI consider Andreas a valued friend and professional businessman.”

Rebecca Batt
Director of Global Events, Kyani

“Dr. Andreas combines his energy and passion for health with solid nutrition and fitness facts to deliver motivational presentations that move an audience to action. He is a high-energy and articulate presenter who always keeps our audiences captivated. As a director of events, I have worked with Dr. Andreas closely for nearly three years in the planning of several events both in the United States and abroad. I have found Dr. Andreas to be kind, easy to work with, on time, quick to respond to emails and texts and incredibly professional. Dr. Andreas creates content that’s easy to comprehend and can adjust his content to the understanding and background of any audience. He’s a fantastic presenter and health educator. I would highly recommend any organization or individual work with Dr. Andreas.”

Phil Summerville

“Dr. Andreas is one of the most gifted speakers I’ve heard in my career. In fact I would put him up there with the likes of Tony Robbins. His engagements are sincere, passionate, thought provoking and Life Changing. Don’t think, just bring DrA to your next event. You will not be disappointed!”

Arnauld Nakaha
Director of Sales for Beachbody – Creators of P90x and Insanity

“Dr. Andreas has a knack for developing leaders.When you’re sitting in an audience, of 50 or 500 he makes you feel like he’s talking to you directly. The first time I heard Dr Andreas was in Phoenix, and from the moment he walked to the stage he captivated the audience by his charisma, and inspired the audience to be better and make resolutions that could have immediate impacts on their lives and business.”

Best Selling Author and International Keynote Speaker

“Dr. Andreas is one of the finest speakers and educators in the world today. His ability to communicate, educate and inspire others to higher levels of natural health and well-being are simply exceptional.”



Jacob Krahl

“Dr. Andreas is a results driven, highly skilled speaker, educator and content facilitator. I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Andreas on multiple occassions. He truly embodies his message, what he teaches. In other words, he walks the walk like no other I’ve ever met in this space. Truly leading by example and living an extraordinary life at the young age of 50, inspiring me and countless others as to what is truly possible!”

Sherry Kesling
Associate Broker Home Smart International

“Dr. Andreas is one the best motivational speakers I’ve ever met. He has a passion for helping people find their greatest potential in life. I’ve seen Dr. Boettcher in action and he is truly committed to his profession.”

Clint McKinley
VP, Worldwide Sales at JAFRA Cosmetics

“Dr. Andreas Boettcher is an inspirational figure to me and to countless others.Not only does he have the know-how and the passion to help others succeed, but his life’s experiences have given him the ability to relate to others with compassion and authenticity. This helps him truly shine as a mentor. If you want to increase your productivity in any endeavor, Dr Boettcher will help you reach your peak potential. Whether one-on-one or from the big stage, Dr Boettcher is one of the very best at his craft. I highly recommend him.”

Andrew Mangeris
Chief Marketing Officer at Kyani

“Dr. Andreas Boettcher redefines organizational leadership on a personal level. He is one of the few individuals that can help people feel like they are sitting one-on-one while being inspired in a room of thousands. Truly enlightening and life changing!”

Angie Levine
Chief marketing officer at Essante Organics

“I have been in the wellness industry for close to two decades. During those years I have heard many professionals educate and lecture on the subjects of health and nutrition. Few speakers stand out as much as Dr. Andreas Boettcher. He is an outstanding speaker. His delivery is always confident, strong, entertaining and perfectly delivered. Dr. Boettcher exemplifies health and wellness because he practices what he preaches. He is a world class athlete who exercises daily and who pays impeccable attention to everything that goes into his body. I make it a point to attend as many of his speaking engagements as possible.”

Timothy Fueling
Author and Entrepreneur

“Dr. Andreas is by far one of the most inspiring and motivating human beings I have ever met. He has the ability to light a fire in you that will inspire you to make significant transformations in the way you live your life. I only follow advice from those who are living examples of the lessons they teach. Andreas is that and much more!”

Amy Farbstein
Real Estate Agent at Home Smart West

DrAndreas inspires, empowers and motivates those lives he touches. It’s his true compassion and sensitivity for human beings is what makes him so relatable and trustworthy. He is committed to supporting those who want to see change occur in their lives. His tremendous speaking abilities are very engaging and empowering. One of his best skills is listening to others and having compassion for where they are at in their lives. He is truly committed to you living your best life and supporting you in doing just that.”

Michelle Minick

“Andreas’ forthright, straightforward leadership style cuts through the fear, with humor and compassion, and illuminates courses of action that get results.”

Our Philosophy…

DrAndreas prides himself on not just talking about Aging ReDefined but someone who lives it through his own choices in daily life. Choices we all have that when stacked together are designed to give his clients, his audiences every potential to live an extraordinary life. Where Aging is truly Redefined. 

Inspired by lessons he learned as a young man, watching how both his grandparents aged, he’s now dedicated his entire life and career to helping others do the same. Dr. Andreas has long recognized that to be a doctor means to “teach.” Teaching and challenging anyone wanting more out life how to awaken their “inner pharmacy” and the “doctor within.” How to take personal responsibility for where they are in life, regardless of where life finds them today. 

Dr. Andreas is more than just another fitness guru, guy on the internet, six pack specialist but a physician who genuinely cares about the total picture of health and performance knowing…

There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” ~ Nelson Mandela ~

This is it. This is your life and life is not a dress rehearsal…so why live it as such? He certainly doesn’t! Enjoying activities and a  lifestyle most would consider should be behind him or others have simply given up on. Our philosophy is simple, to “die young as late as possible.” To live a life with no regrets doing what you love with those you love the most free of the stereotypes associated with aging. It all begins with a decision. A decision to take personal responsibility for one’s health and getting back to the fundamentals of what it truly means to be “healthy” from the inside out. 

Will it always be easy? Will it always be convenient? Will you always “feel” like it. No, of course not. However, what I can say with 100% certainty, is that it will be worth it! Besides, what’s the alternative, give up, status quo…? He certainly doesn’t think so!

Welcome to, a place where a healthy mind and body are the keystone to an extraordinary life. 

Let’s Finish Strong Together,



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