Jayson Arfmann

As a CEO my life is very busy.  I was taking time to be active but I was seeing a trend that I didn’t like.  I was putting on weight, mostly in the stomach and neck area.  It bothered me because I was slowing down, getting tired easily, and just feeling old.  I rationalized this as just the results of getting older.  Little did I know that there was an easy fix.  A fix that would change my view on healthy living.  I thought that playing basketball, surfing, hiking, skiing and staying active would be the key but I was wrong.

It all changed when I had a conversation with Dr. Andreas.  Not only is he someone that I admire, but he is a good friend.  He helped me see the one thing I was missing in my quest to feel better.   I told him I wanted to get healthy and I didn’t want any restrictive diets.  I was amazed when he told me that I didn’t need to starve myself and that I just needed to focus on the right types of foods.  I learn about macro nutrition, how to choose a healthy lifestyle, and how to sustain it.  I learned how to discipline myself even when eat out.  Once I learn these skill of healthy living, it became more and more easy to follow.  Now, living a healthy lifestyles doesn’t take much effort on my part.  It is who I am and what I have chosen to become.  I feel like I am back in my 20s.  I have more energy and I get to do all the activities I love to do with my family.  I feel very blessed and want to thank Andreas for all that he has done for me in by healthy living transformation.  I has been life changing!