Dr. Doug H.

Dr. Andreas and I have know each other for over ten years now. We first met as professional colleagues and have since developed a personal friendship over the years. I’ve always admired his passion for fitness and health and have been in awe of how well he has maintained his body. Seeing someone in their late 40’s and now 50’s being able to keep in incredible shape has shown me that it can be done. A few months before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, after I posted some pictures of myself on social media, Dr. Andreas reached out to me out of concern for my recent weight gain. When I started my own business over 5 years ago, I devoted a lot of time and energy to the business and often found myself on the road, living out of hotels and eating unhealthy. Between the stress of running a business and my hectic schedule, I gained almost 40lbs, resulting in elevated blood pressure and reduced energy levels. We haven’t seen each other in person for a few years now as I currently reside in Nashville, TN and he in San Diego, but out of all my friends and family, he was the only one that took the time to reach out and let me know that he was concerned for my health and well being. It was the proverbial “wake up call” I needed to start making some serious lifestyle changes. The pandemic completely shut down my eye care business for almost 4 months. Although it was a challenge not to eat everything in site sitting at home during the lockdown, I took advantage of the downtime to start exercising daily and making better food and lifestyle choices. I was able to lose 30lbs the first 3 1/2 months and have now lost an additional 10lbs! Most importantly though, even with returning to my hectic schedule, I have maintained my weight loss for the last 4 months! I’m now 47 years old and as I approach 50, I am looking forward to getting in the best shape of my life. Throughout the process, I’ve kept Andreas updated on my progress and have used his advice, words of encouragement and most importantly, his example to keep me on track. Throughout this journey I’ve learned several things. First off, age is only a number, and although it’s a bit more challenging to get and keep in shape as you age, it’s definitely possible! There are no shortcuts to fitness. It takes discipline, hard work, determination and at times sacrifice but it’s TOTALLY worth it. I hope that my journey can inspire others to get control of their health and well being just as watching Dr. Andreas’s journey has inspired me.