The “Unspoken Pandemic”

More Widespread and Underestimated Than Any “Known” Virus

Todays modern medicine has achieved amazing things. Question is, are we healthier as a nation, as a country for it all? Are heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes, etc…on the rise or the decline? Is our healthcare model model really healthcare or simple reactionary sick care?

Is there an “Unspoken Pandemic” many have simply forgotten or left out simply because doctors are too busy treating the sick? Is there an underlying virus so insidious, so contagious, so underestimated that it undermines our every ability to live an extraordinary life? A life drug free, prescription free, surgery free much less a life ending in nursing homes away from family and friends? Is even such a vision for how age even possible?

Have we as a society ignored this “virus” so long, that we’ve lost touch with what it truly means to be healthy, to age well living the quality of life we’ve always envisioned? A “virus” that no mask, no social distancing or lockdowns can protect you from? A virus for which no vaccine exist or does it? A vaccine that comes with no side effects and is available to everyone right now, in this moment, today?


It’s Only Halftime

What will your new story be?

Based on his life experience, his own challenges, his obstacles…DrAndreas takes the audience on journey to answer the question, are the best years of life behind you or still in front of you? Even if you are living life to the fullest are you prepared and ready to take on the challenges that inevitably lie before us all.

In 2010, DrAndreas lost everything. His home, his wealth and even his marriage. Sprinkle in:

  • bankruptcy
  • new career
  • blending a new family
  • getting laid off
  • emergency back surgery
  • losing his mom to cancer
  • father to suicide 7 months later

He stands before you today in the best shape of his life. Happily remarried, new home owner and traveling the world with his message.  Not because he is anything special but rather because he’s learned how to turn adversity into fuel rather than a weight that holds too many down.

DrAndreas not only overcame the above but an auto-immune condition and low testosterone levels for which doctors wanted to medicate. He politely refused knowing he needed to take his own advice, that a great life begins with great health. A foundation that successfully reversed the aforementioned naturally and  lays the groundwork for all his clients and those seeking a better life through better health!

Customized Keynote

Sometimes your event simply needs a customized presentation that moves the needle on a personal level. One that is specific to your event theme, demographic and desired outcome. Whether your looking to motivate, inspire, increase sales, performance and of course health goals…DrAndreas is confident he can meet your needs. 

DrAndreas will always ask you…what is the “one take away” you want your audience to walk from his presentation. Regardless of your desired goal, DrAndreas prides himself on using his life experience to not only met your request but exceed them. If he doesn’t feel that he can help your event, he will let you know. The last thing he wants to do is waste your time. 

The best way to find out is to set up a complimentary consultation with him personally. He will listen to your needs and put together a presentation outline for your approval. 

Complete the contact form on this page and either himself or one of his staff members will set up a convenient time for you both to discuss. 


Praise From Real People

Amy Farbstein
Real Estate Agent at Home Smart West

DrAndreas inspires, empowers and motivates those lives he touches. It’s his true compassion and sensitivity for human beings is what makes him so relatable and trustworthy. He is committed to supporting those who want to see change occur in their lives. His tremendous speaking abilities are very engaging and empowering. One of his best skills is listening to others and having compassion for where they are at in their lives. He is truly committed to you living your best life and supporting you in doing just that."

Michelle Minick

"Andreas’ forthright, straightforward leadership style cuts through the fear, with humor and compassion, and illuminates courses of action that get results."

Amplify Your Talk!

“The most cost-effective marketing tool no one can compete
with you on!”

Manual prospecting is tough, hard and time consuming. Not to mention loaded with excuses objections and stalls that only lengthen the sales cycle and lower your positioning.

Instead, let’s leverage your time and flip the arrow of positioning in your favor turning you from the hunter to the one being hunted. Together we’ll design, create and teach your team how to deliver a persuasive and informative presentation; one that delivers massive value while positioning you and your company as a market leader.

Speaking is the most cost effective marketing tool no one can compete with you on; the one tool that every business/sales professional must have to attract new clients in droves. Stop banging your head on the prospecting wall and let’s focus your sales success on delivering value to your audiences while positioning you as the authority, when the moment is brief and the impact is high. Integrates well with existing presentations.

During this interactive Keynote your team will walk away with:

  • A Trademark 10 minute talk that both serves and sells, landing your highly qualified leads on command
  • The speech structure and language patterns that both engage and enroll your audience turning them from interested to invested on the spot
  • The in’s and out’s of presentation delivery
    The certainty, confidence and presence to command any room, anytime, any where

As a bonus, DrAndreas will conduct a live training via webinar called Getting the Gig! He’ll break down exactly how to find events your ideal clients attend and the phone script that gets you booked!

Why a 10-minute talk? One they are easier to book and two, it’s all you need to drive highly qualified leads. Ever hear of TedX talks?

Have an existing presentation? No problem. Just send your presentation to Dr. Andreas upon booking and he’ll review and prepare accordingly to maximize it’s potential and effectiveness to ensure the results you are looking for.

Inquire now and let’s get the most cost effective marketing tool in your teams hands today, guaranteed!


Praise From Real People

Mental Sales Mastery

Good To Great, To Unstoppable

Top “sales athletes” know one thing, your mental dialogue either makes you or breaks you. Skills and talent alone cannot replace your attitude, energy or resilience. Your ability to think successfully strategically and tactically in the face of adversity, rejection and fear will set you apart. During this program your audience will leave with the mental muscle and stamina required to be an impact player in a high performing organization.

  • Discover how to smash through self-imposed barriers
    to reach optimal performance
  • Learn how to stay motivated and psyched up to serve
    and sell
  • How to maintain authority and positioning throughout the sales conversation
  • Capture the Ironman secrets to a superior mental game
  • How to become the MVP of your sales organization even if someone is smarter, more talented and more experienced

Audience members will finally realize what learned belief systems have been imprisoning their potential and unconsciously sabotaging any progress. They will leave with the winning mindset to embrace challenges and overcome adversity knowing there is no prize for second place, no participation trophies found here.

Your team will either find a way to win or find an excuse! There is no in between.

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you!

Inquire today!

“Believe Your Dreams Are Possible, Have The Courage To See Them Through And Finish Strong!


Praise From Real People

Unlocking Iron Man Acchievement

“Awaken The Champion In You”

Straight up raw and real, the truth on what it really takes to achieve
success – made plain, simple and actionable. DrAndreas draws from his
own extraordinary journey to success from millionaire to broke,
Ironman to “aluminum man,” only to reclaim it all back.

Lessons distilled into the core fundamental principles ever achiever
needs to know, practice and master to obtain anything above ordinary
success. DrAndreas will outline the Ironman Discipline and habits
required for all significant achievement raising the bar on what’s
possible for the everyday “Sales Athlete.”

  • Finding and keeping your motivation to stay consistent in the
    disciplines needed to overcome complacency and one’s comfort zone
  • Developing and capturing the elusive but awesome force
    of momentum—catch it and you will be unstoppable!
  • How to win—every time! The No. 1 strategy to achieve any goal and
    triumph over any competitor, even if they are more talented,
    smarter and more experienced.
  • Eradicating the bad habits (some you might be unaware of!)
    that are constantly derailing your progress
  • Painlessly installing the few key disciplines required for a
    major breakthrough and lasting results
  • Focus on priority management, not time management to
    sell more in less time

Finally, an understanding that there is no quick fix to success. Success is earned through hard work, discipline, key habits and the consistency of positive choices repeated over time. With the principles made clear and simple, attendees leave with a sense of clarity and belief that they can achieve extraordinary levels of success, and knowledge about what to do to get started immediately.


Praise From Real People

Breakthrough Brands

Breakthrough brands understand the value of the customer experience. How do you know when you are successful? When your customers rave about your business without you telling them to. This keynote focuses on how you can amplify your brand experience and loyalty with your most important shareholders: your customers.

We all know the customers of today are just one click away from joining your competitors. As a result, their expectations have evolved to one that requires an experience that is dependable and predictable. This keynote examines how category-leading companies start with their people, aligning employees around a common mission and empowering them to create memorable customer experiences.

DrAndreas will share stories from his portfolio of case studies launching one of the biggest brands on the Las Vegas Blvd, The Cosmopolitan; and smaller companies looking for the most effective ways to reinvent and reignite their brand experience. He will help participants refocus their thinking and emerge with new ideas about both the customer and employee relationships knowing everything they do or don’t do, ultimately affects the customer.

The outcome of this keynote will be an audience ready to regain their commitment to the organization with the end goal to drive customer loyalty and drive business growth.


Praise From Real People

Winning Leadership Culture

How to Lead, Influence and Empower Top Performance

Leadership for the 21st Century has changed, or has it? Though
employees and customers needs have changed their desire to be
valued and recognized hasn’t’.

In this Keynote DrAndreas challenges modern conventional thought by
outlining the fundamental needs all customers and employees have.
This interactive keynote delivers new insights and actionable
strategies that leaders can leverage immediately to drive “Ironman”
levels of achievement from even ordinary performers.

Traditional command and control leadership has been replaced with a
more connected, collaborative and flexible approach to managing
people and top performance.

  • The essential strategies to recruiting the people you want
    and earning maximum performance
  • How to get extraordinary achievement from (seemingly) ordinary
  • The number 1 job of every leader and your key competitive
    advantage to top performance
  • Successfully get more done in less time by making decisions
    faster while ending office politics that stunt growth
    The leader you need to become to motivate and inspire everyone
    around you
  • Modern leadership for the new economy

Your outcome will be leaders ready lead by example and not lecture or conjecture. Leaders who are prepared to earn employee commitment, amplify productivity and performance that drops straight to the bottom line.


Praise From Real People

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