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Think of IOH as your personal online “Health, Fitness & Life Performance Club.” Where Your Health & Fitness Are Used As A Spring Board to An Exceptional Life

Just Imagine for a moment what you could achieve, the life you could live and the enjoyment of LIFE you could experience with your most precious asset in tact…YOUR HEALTH & FITNESS?!

Without it what do you really have, what could you really achieve…much less really enjoy? Life is not a dress rehearsal…let’s do something now to make the most of it starting today!


At one time in our lives, we all had a vision for the quality of life that we desire and deserve. Yet for many those dreams become shrouded in the frustrations, stressors and routines of daily life that we no longer even make an effort to accomplish anymore. Instead, many simply give up…rationalizing their decision with:

So becomes the “story” we tell ourselves…

Then when you try to do something about it, you get lost in a sea of “quick fixes,” fad diets, confusing “bio-hacks” and oh…don’t forget the extreme, time consuming workouts that only increase your risk for injury and burnout.

It’s no wonder so many are tossing their hands up in frustration and as a result, drop health & fitness to the bottom of their priorities list.

However, without your health, what do you really have?

You may be “ok” now or “getting by” but what about tomorrow, 5, 10 years from now?

What do your “best years” ahead look like for you?

You can only ignore your health/fitness for so long before procrastination catches up with you.

In fact, you may be already experiencing things like this…

Your clothes no longer fit the way they used to due to a slow, ever expanding waistline…

You no longer can enjoy the activities you once loved…drained of energy, focus & ability

Your personal and professional life are suffering because of your own frustrations in life

Your medicine cabinet is growing an increasing collection of “orange mini bottles”

You look at the mirror and wonder what happened to your former self; physically, mentally, maybe even emotionally…

In short, the routine of “life” or “stress” or both has gotten the better part of you one way or another.


Is it how you’ve chosen to handle what we all face? Afterall, we all face “stress” yet why do some excel and others do not? We all feel that somehow our stressors are unique to ourselves, that no one could possibly relate.

(Stay tuned…we may have more in common than you think?)

Here’s the reality…regardless of what you face…

Poorly managed stress is a vicious downward spiral that leads to: poor choices, poor habits, poor results resulting in more stress and so the cycle continues until one day it reaches a boiling point of a life that once was.

Ask yourself, is this story you’re telling yourself really true?

Is this really the best version of yourself?

The life you are truly capable of living?

Are your best years really behind you?

I’m here to tell they don’t have to be! That inside you lays a greater potential than you may have ever thought possible. A potential you may have once had, that still lies inside of you.

A potential that regardless of where life finds you today, lies in waiting for you to tap it’s limitless possibilities.

"The struggle you are in today, is developing the strength you will need for tomorrow " ~ Unknown

Question is…Where Do You Start?

What’s the most important area that, if you put laser focus and energy into, would make the biggest difference in your life and support the life you’ve always envisioned?

Though you may select one or more, all of the above…what’s the one area of your life, that affects everything? Health & Fitness…

For without it…how fulfilling can your relationships be? How productive can you really be at the work you do? The personal growth to become what we are truly capable of?

Nevermind, the focus, the energy, the stamina…the positive habits to deal with whatever life throws your way.

"Take Care of Your BODY, It's The Only Place You Have to Live" Jim Rohn

After all, without your health how fulfilling can your relationships be? How productive can you really be at the work you do? The personal growth or physcial ability to live your life’s true potential? Much less maintain the focus, the energy, the stamina…the strength to live an active adult life well into your retirement years?

A life were you’ve done everything you can to regain, restore and maintain the very best verion of your life’s true health potential.

Now…I’d love to tell you there is “one thing” you could do, one magic “bio-hack,” that would instantly fix everything you need to close the gap and achieve everything you ever wanted out of life…but there is no such thing! This promise of the “one thing” is actually part of the problem plaguing those wanting to make a change.

However, there is “ONE AREA” in your life that lies at the foundation, the core of your life’s true potential. The “ONE AREA” that is non-negotiable that spills into EVERY ASPECT of your life and the quality for which you enjoy it…regardless of what life throws your way.

Imagine for a moment having:

What would having more FOCUS, ENERGY, CLARITY, CONFIDENCE and a new LEASE ON LIFE through HEALTH & FITNESS do for you? To...


a life that once was or still may be possible for you in these key areas:

Health & Fitness

Personal Relationships

Business & Career



Personal Growth

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be?”

Marriane Williamson

And if you are anything like me, you want to do all of these...

That's Exactly Why I Created...

IOH 30 Day Reset
Imagine a place, a community for which you will have access to over the next 30 days that teaches you how to “leverage stress.” Where adversity is turned into fuel. Where you have the ability to declare a metaphorical “HALFTIME” in your life and decide how you want to exit the “locker room!” Only this is no game, this is your life and…

Life is Not A Dress Rehearsal

There will be no “perfect time” but the time you make to re-prioritize your life.

"You can have results or you can have excuses but you can't have both." Arnold Scwhazeneggar

Regardless of where life finds you, there will always be challenges, obstacles and reasons not to do something. They can either drown you or lift you…the choice is always yours. As I’ve learned, its about the only thing you can control.

You owe to yourself, your family and most of all your future! By now you are likely realizing the IOH Reset is not another “six pack” or 90 day health challenge but rather a sustainable way of life that lies at the very foundation to an extraordinary life!

It’s exactly why I created THE IOH 30 DAY RESET…to help people just like you live an EXTRAORDINARY LIFE from the INSIDE OUT.

A place where adversity becomes the fuel to support a community of like minded people who know their BEST YEARS are NOT BEHIND THEM! 

Where FITNESS is a celebration of what your body can do, not a punishment for what you ate.

A proven blueprint free of the pseudoscience, fad diets and latest greatest bio-hacks that only lead to frustration and confusion.

Instead we get back to the basics, the foundation to what great health is so you can begin moving towards the life and health you are truly capable of achieving, maintaining and most of all…enjoying!

Created for Men and Women Who

May “falsely believe their “best years” are behind them? We always believe they can be in front of you.
Are tired of all the fads, gimmicks & so called “quick fixes” that only prey on what you want to hear not what you need to hear
Need accountability & support for ongoing challenges, questions. Even Dr. Andreas had a coach as a Triathlete
Want to follow a proven plan that is sustainable for life. To eliminate the guesswork and cut through the noise

Whats Included?

Easy to follow, 10 step formula

Success is a formula. IOH has broken it all down for you! Everything is broken down for you. Follow the plan, execute the plan, get the results FAST!

Complete video & fitness training library

Private online portal login and access to the IOH 30 Day Reset training and education library. Everything is in one place so you can cut through the clutter and confusion everywhere online today.

30 Day workout plan for all levels

Three separate workout plans for the gym, home and even those with limited mobility/injuries. All designed to be completed in 30 minutes or less!

Recommended Supplements

Supplements personally formulated by Dr. Andreas making nutrition simplified. Quality ingredients all certified at the highest standards in the industry today!

Customizable/Flexible Eating Plans

No fads, no gimmicks, no eliminating entire food groups. Rather a flexible approach including elements of Keto, Low Carb, Paleo, etc… The key is choosing what works for you while maintaining healthy labs!

IOH approved grocery list

Getting back to the foundation of healthy eating. Eat the IOH recommended foods and avoid the one’s not! It really is pretty simple.

Complete Downloadable Ebook/Journal

Comprehensive, yet easy to follow and read, IOH Journal to document your journey, measure your success and get results!

Private IOH “Locker Room” (30 Day Trial)

Best part…private “locker room” free from the drama and negativity of other private social media groups. A place to receive comprehensive, focused, unfiltered support in achieving your goals!

What You Don’t Need Is Another Diet!

What You Need is A Plan, The Mindset and Support To Make Your New Story Possible

Join me for 30 Days and let’s discover what’s possible for you…
Traditional “diets,” fads and gimmicks that only promise quick results with little to no effort on your
part are only empty promise. Just look at the explosion of obesity and chronic disease today! Short
term solutions for long term issues resulting from bad habits, poor choices and a poor lifestyle will
never address the underlying cause.
Yes, IOH is a “30 Day Reset” but in our eyes, it really only represents the beginning to a life long 
endeavor in maintaining your most precious asset, your health and well-being. Without it, you have
nothing and far too many find themselves procrastinating to “tomorrow” as if some how tomorrow
will be a better day.
Life will always throw you curveballs, obstacles and challenges. Rather than use them to feed the 
traditional mantra, “this is too hard or “I don’t have the time,” IOH is designed to help manage your
stress, manage your life, manage your health to better equip you for the world we live in rather than
being a burden to it.
If there is anything we learned from the pandemic of 2020, is to better take care of our health. To not 
become one of the vulnerable by arming our body with the tools, the nutrition, the exercise, to 
support your natural defenses for the “next pandemic” or avoid that feared diagnosis of
Make no mistake, we are not here to cure, treat or prevent any disease. Instead, do everything in our
power to improve the odds…to live your life’s true health potential while protecting it without regret.
 Regret so many of my older patients had during their retirement years.
“If only I had taken better care of my health when I had the chance!”
Your body truly is a miracle. The most complex and advanced operating system in the world ever
created. A “system” that at its CORE requires daily attention and support.
Support for life and health you’ve always envisioned.
A system that also needs to be free of not only toxic foods, habits and choices but equally toxic 
thinking that inevitably leads to poor choices. We hope to not only support you for the next 30 Days but
for the rest of your life if you’ll have us because we know there is no finish line to health.

Plus 4 Exciting Bonuses to Support Your Success!


Eating out is inevitable. Here’s how to do it without setting your hard work back while staying on track! ​

IOH “Heavy Meals” Survival Guide

We all need to enjoy life’s wonderful treats, Dr. Andreas included. This guide will help you maintain balance while enjoying the foods you love without the guilt, within moderation of course. 🙂

IOH Suggested Labs

The IOH Reset is not just about an “after photo” or “six pack” but rather a sustainable program to enjoy the quality of life and health we all deserve as we age. It begins with the most important labs we recommend you stay on top off throughout your journey for lifelong health and well-being!​

30 Day Trial Access To The “Locker Room”

When you join today, you’ll also have 30 day trial access to not only interact with DrAndreas but other members inside the private “locker room.” A community for you to ask questions and free from the drama/negativity found on typical social media today. A place to receive comprehensive, focused, unfiltered support in achieving your goals once and for all!

Not only have I used these simple 10 steps
to transform my own life & Health. . .

But Thousands before you!

Who am I and Why Might You Consider Listening to me?

See…DrAndreas is NOT another “20 year old fitness model” teaching you how to be fit, though there is nothing wrong with that. Rather a 51 year old (as of 2021), with life experience, who’s overcome significant hurdles:.

To stand before you now, despite it all, in the best shape of his life,
living the life I’ve always dreamed of! Not because I’m anything special.
Rather an average person who’s learned how to navigate the nonsense
and turn adversity into fuel. Skills and like all skills, LEARNABLE!

I live for this and love helping people create a “new story!”

This is My Story

Question is…

What COULD Your New Story Be?


No. IOH believes in a “flexible eating” plan that allows you to enjoy all foods. Naturally some
more in moderation than others. As you’ll discover, eating healthy is really not that
complicated and comes down to how you wish to breakdown the ratio of protein, healthy fats
and healthy carbohydrates while following fundamental laws of nutrition regardless of how
you wish to breakdown your nutritions. DrAndreas personally rotates his days nutritionally
from Intermittent fasting, Ketogenic, Paleo to balanced nutrition encompassing all food
groups for different goals and health benefits. Each of which he will discuss and answer
questions on inside the Private Forum or “Locker Room.”
Ignore the “hype” around resetting your metabolism. Yes certain foods can aid your ability to
metabolize and burn fat but resetting your metabolism is simply a marketing term. Instead,
IOH focuses on the health food, lifestyle, exercise and laws of nutrition for healthy habits,
weight loss and function.
I don’t know and it’s impossible for me to answer. After all, we’ve never met and I’m not your
doctor. I don’t know your health history, your lifestyle or your work ethic when it comes to
getting healthy. What I can say is that because you have ________________, something in your
body is not working properly. So rather than focus on the symptom, IOH returns you back to
the basic elements and steps towards healthy living. Great nutrition, exercise and
supplements to support your body’s inner pharmacy. Whats possible for you, time will tell and
only the doctor within you can determine. Point is you have an alarm that is going off,
something needs to change. As always, consult with your physician prior to beginning or
starting any exercise or nutrition program.
We all do, Dr. Andreas included but at the end of the day, is that really an excuse? Of course
not. It all comes down to prioritizing your day beginning with taking care of you. That being
said, IOH fitness programs are designed with the busiest of schedules in mind. Also, we all
have to eat…it simply comes down to being prepared and making better choices. In other
words, we encourage you to stop telling yourself your too busy because if you don’t, your
body will eventually force you to make time for it.
Many things beginning with Dr. Andreas’ own life experience. He’s not another 20 year old on
the internet teaching you how to build a six pack while eating what you want. No disrespect
to anyone wanting to better anyone’s health but Dr. Andreas knows what its like as a 51+ year
old father, businessman, husband not to mention challenges in life such as divorce,
bankruptcy, back surgery, etc…what it’s like to be healthy despite it all. How to fit it in and
make it a lifestyle that is equally focused on building the “mental muscle” to overcome any
resistance in your life, even if it’s coming from you yourself. It’s about healthy aging, health
labs and giving your body, your life every opportunity to enjoy life on your terms, doing what
you love with those you love the most free from pain, drugs and/or surgeries whenever
possible. In other words, IOH is not about a six pack but its about health naturally.
One of the best part of IOH is that you will have the opportunity to interact with Dr. Andreas
personally, as well as other members, with your 30 day free trial access to the “locker room.” 
Your goal is our goal and the only we can assist you is by getting your questions answered and 
doing our best to support your journey in living the best life possible for you. 
Only you can decide what that will look like. 🙂

Join The Team InSIDE the
“Locker Room” via your
Own Private Online Portal

And let's finish the “2nd half” of
your life stronger than ever!

Only $97
Normally $297

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Money Back Guarantee

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