About My Journey…

“Success always looks more glamorous than the work it takes.”


1975 – 1980
It was at the age of 10 DrAndreas decided how he wanted to age. Lessons he learned through actions, not words, witnessing first hand how his own Opa’s (grandfathers) choose to age. 

Both lived to be about the same age but one, in and out of hospitals, endless medications and eventually had both legs amputated.

The other, lived out of his garden, exercised daily, rode his bike 70 miles every Sunday and never took a medication. Full of life, never complained and lived an active life until the day of his passing. 

How do you want to age?

Graduating high school, fitness has always been a part of my life. Thank goodness I left “that hair” behind! 

Gotta love the 80’s.

Graduated University of Richmond with a B.S. in Health/Exercise Science only to go teach water skiing at Club Med after graduation. Let’s just say my mother was not quite happy with this decision. 

What can I say, I simply wasn’t ready to buckle down just yet! Tough life I know… 😉


Life is not a “dress rehearsal!”


Graduate Western States Chiropractic School with a Doctor of Chiropractic specializing in nutrition and sports performance. Started up my first private practice. 

It was during this time I was also diagnosed with my own auto-immune condition for which doctors wanted to medicate. I politely said, “no thank you.” Today, no more symptoms from the same condition and clean bill of health at the young age 51 following the very CORE principles found on this website.

Every BIG goal starts with small steps!

Successfully sold my multi-million dollar practice to take my message of natural health and wellness around the world! 

“Sometimes you just can’t be afraid to let go of something good to go for something great!”


However, not everything goes as planned.

The next 7 years would be the toughest of my life. Divorce, bankruptcy, emergency back surgery, career reinvention, moving to new city only to be laid off a year later from a job I had to take. 

Then as things were looking up, working with Brian Tracy and speaking around the world, I lost my mom to cancer at the young age of 69 and my father 7 months later to suicide. 

It was in my darkest moments where the idea for IOH came to life. 

After all, we all face challenging times. The question is will your adversity fuel you or define you? I choose the former choosing to full my pain, my heartache into competing in my first Men’s Physique show. 

What will you choose when you declare a metaphorical “Halftime” in your own life?

It was also in this moment, the love of my life became my wife. Lesson, life can take many things from you but they never can take away who you are and choose to become! 

DrAndreas’ life experience truly make him unique. Rather just another 20 year old teaching you how to build a six pack (not that there is anything wrong with that) or another doctor who tells you one thing, only to do another…DrAndreas uses his life experience in health, wellness, sports, speaking, motivation, leadership and personal development to support one goal…helping you to live the life and health you are truly capable of living despite any challenge! 

It’s Not How You Start That Counts…It’s How  You Choose to Finish! Let’s Finish Strong…together! DrAndreas

Our Philosophy…

DrAndreas prides himself on not just talking about Aging ReDefined but someone who lives it through his own choices in daily life. Choices we all have that when stacked together are designed to give his clients, his audiences every potential to live an extraordinary life. Where Aging is truly Redefined. 

Inspired by lessons he learned as a young man, watching how both his grandparents aged, he’s now dedicated his entire life and career to helping others do the same. Dr. Andreas has long recognized that to be a doctor means to “teach.” Teaching and challenging anyone wanting more out life how to awaken their “inner pharmacy” and the “doctor within.” How to take personal responsibility for where they are in life, regardless of where life finds them today. 

Dr. Andreas is more than just another fitness guru, guy on the internet, six pack specialist but a physician who genuinely cares about the total picture of health and performance knowing…

There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” ~ Nelson Mandela ~

This is it. This is your life and life is not a dress rehearsal…so why live it as such? He certainly doesn’t! Enjoying activities and a  lifestyle most would consider should be behind him or others have simply given up on. Our philosophy is simple, to “die young as late as possible.” To live a life with no regrets doing what you love with those you love the most free of the stereotypes associated with aging. It all begins with a decision. A decision to take personal responsibility for one’s health and getting back to the fundamentals of what it truly means to be “healthy” from the inside out. 

Will it always be easy? Will it always be convenient? Will you always “feel” like it. No, of course not. However, what I can say with 100% certainty, is that it will be worth it! Besides, what’s the alternative, give up, status quo…? He certainly doesn’t think so!

Welcome to DrAndreas.com, a place where a healthy mind and body are the keystone to an extraordinary life. 

Let’s Finish Strong Together,



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