Are your best years in life really behind you?

How do you want to age? Simple question I’ve asked audiences around the world, but is it one you’ve truly taken the time to answer? Do visions of enjoying your retirement years, active, playing with your grandkids, traveling the world fill your mind? What about. a life free of medications, endless doctor visits, walkers, nursing homes, dialysis, etc…or are the stereotypes of aging simply inevitable?

Are we really a “victim” of our genetics, our challenges, our obstacles, our circumstances? Is our ability to age gracefully completely out of our control or is there more to the equation? In other words, the story we may be telling ourselves to “justify” our current situation in life?

The older you get, the more you have a tendency to believe this to be true about yourself. Where does that mindset come from? When you’re young and it seems you have the whole world in front of you, the sky is the limit, and you believe you can do anything you set your mind to. You’re full of confidence, passion, and motivation. Once you set your sights on where you are headed and what you intend to accomplish, nothing can stand in your way. You are fearless, ambitious, and full of life.

“Falling” Into Complacency

Then, somewhere along the line you got distracted and fell off the path. Something happened that took your attention away from your goals, your dreams, your visions for how you wanted to age. You promised you would come right back to it once you paid off the house, raised the children, or overcame a health challenge. But you never did. Life got busy, your aspirations were put on the shelf, and you fell into a monotonous routine.

You get older, you begin to feel defeated and unable to access the ambition and vigor that was once so strong. That voice in your head says you no longer have what it takes, you’ve lost too much time, or that you’re too old. This is where many people give up on their dreams and settle for whatever is in front of them. They learn to live in complacency and celebrate the occasional highlight; their unlived life and what could have been lingers in the recesses of their mind. It’s a slippery slope so subtle its effects aren’t realized until one day you realize life isn’t what it use to be…

I know because I’ve been there…

Sacrificing my own health in lieu of career, family and business only to be blindsided with my own wake up call at the young age of 30. Diagnosed with an auto-immune condition that threatened the health of my kidneys. Doctors wanted to put me on medications to which I said, “no thank you.”

After all, I just spent years studying health and wellness only to virtually ignore the very lessons I spent years learning. It was time to get back to the basics of health; nutrition, fitness, healthy weight and supplements while cutting out the junk I didn’t need. Not a hard formula but one that successfully reversed my auto-immune symptoms and restored healthy hormone levels naturally, without the use of any medications or potential side effects. Side effects that weren’t worth the risk, knowing I hadn’t taken responsibility for my own health and choices.

Then, in 2010, I lost everything. Divorce, bankruptcy, emergency back surgery, new career, blending a new family, moved to a new city. Forced to take a job to provide for my kids only to be laid off a year later. Fast forward to 2016, just when things were looking up, I lost my mom to cancer and 7 months later my father to suicide.

Yet here I am in the best shape and health of my life, happily remarried, enjoying a new career I love and a beautiful new home despite it all not because I’m anything special but an ordinary man that decided “It Was Only Halftime.” A metaphorical moment in time we all can CHOOSE to ReSet, ReFocus & ReIgnite life’s true potential. Time, in other words, to “tell a new story,” the story I share before you now.

Are you ready to tell a new story?


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Amy Farbstein
Real Estate Agent at Home Smart West

DrAndreas inspires, empowers and motivates those lives he touches. It’s his true compassion and sensitivity for human beings is what makes him so relatable and trustworthy. He is committed to supporting those who want to see change occur in their lives. His tremendous speaking abilities are very engaging and empowering. One of his best skills is listening to others and having compassion for where they are at in their lives. He is truly committed to you living your best life and supporting you in doing just that."

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